Q1. What information do I need before placing an order with Tactical Optician?

You need to have a valid copy of your most recent eye prescription, it must be no more than 2 years old, but if an earlier re examination date is specified, it must not be older than the re examination date.

Q2. How do I get hold of my prescription and pupillary distance (PD)?
Your optician is obliged by the Opticians Act 1988 to supply  you a copy of your prescription once he/she considers your eye examination is complete. He/she is not obliged to provide your pupillary distance. He/she may measure & supply your PD if you explain why you need it.  If your optician will not provide you with your PD measurement, go to the bottom of this page for an explanation on how to measure your own Pupillary Distance.

Frames and lenses

Q4. Are your frames and lenses the same quality as I would obtain from my optician?
Yes. All our safety frames are certified to EN166  or ANSI Z87.1 and are CE marked. Our optical insert lenses are supplied in standard plastic, as the optical insert fits inside a frame or goggle with a ballistic resistant outer lens.All our eyewear is approved for Military use.

Q5. How do you make sure I receive the correct frame size?
The frames have a wrap around design which requires no adjustment to fit.  Goggles are one size to fit, also.
Q6. Do you sell bifocal and varifocal lenses?
 We supply single vision distance and Varifocal lenses. We do not normally supply Bifocal lenses, but may be able to by special order. Contact us if you require Bifocals before ordering.
Q7. Can I order frames with no prescription?
Yes. You can order any of our products without inserts and prescription lenses.

Your prescription

Q8. What if I am not sure what my prescription says?
Your optician is obliged to give you a clear, legible copy of your prescription to take away.
If the detail of your prescription is not legible, you can ask your optician to make it clearer for you. We can request your optician do this but you may need to give them permission first for them to communicate with us.
Alternatively, photograph or scan your prescription and email it to us at airsoft.optician@gmail.com and we will extract the relevant information. 


Q9. Is the payment page secure?
Payments are made through PayPal. Your credit card details are kept private and you are protected against unauthorised payments sent from your account. We do not receive or store any card details from you. We only accept secure payments through Paypal.

Q10. What are the postage and packing costs?
We charge £5.95 for postage and packing per order. Your completed safety spectacles will be sent by first class recorded Royal Mail. Special delivery can be arranged at extra cost.


Q11. How long will my spectacles take to arrive?
Your prescription spectacles will usually be delivered to you within 10-14 working days from when we receive your complete order and payment. Sometimes orders may take a little longer, dependant on prescription. In these circumstances we will keep you informed.

After-sales support

Q12. What if I entered some information incorrectly?
Email us immediately if you think that you have entered any information erroneously. Please check all information before submitting your order and print off a copy of your order for your reference.

Q13. How can I track my order?
You can check where your order is up to at any time by using the ‘contact us’ page.

Q14. What is your refund policy?
If any of the products ordered are defective on delivery, Airsoft Optician will repair or replace the products or provide a full refund. In the event of a refund, you should return the defective products to us  in the same condition as when received by you, complete with all items and packaging. Where goods are not defective and are proven to be exactly to specification any refund due will exclude charges for prescription lenses and other items that cannot be restocked or reused.


Measuring Your Pupillary Distance


Measuring your own pupil distance ( PD ) is straightforward.

  • Face a friend ask them to place a ruler that is marked in millimeters across the bridge of your nose .
  • Measure from the inside edge of the Right Iris (the coloured part of your eye) to the outside edge of the Left Iris.
  • Record the measurement then repeat this action but from the inside edge of the Left Iris to the outside edge of the Right Iris.
  • If you have two different measurements, simply use the average of the two measurements.
  • If the measurements differ greatly repeat the measuring process.
  • Normal PD measurements tend to be between 56 and 72 mm


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